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Printer Interface

Printer Interface (Gray)

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System Features:

  • Servo driven overhead loading mechanism
  • Loading trough
  • Vertical Bagger Servo driven seal assembly Servo driven film feed
  • Trimless vertical seal design
  • Package date code interface
  • Interlocked safety guarding
  • Allen Bradley PLC and Controls
  • Color touch screen HMI for ease in diagnostics and changeover
  • Recipes used for ease of changeover


System Operation:

  • Printed / counted stacks are transferred from printer / counter onto packager loading trough
  • The servo loader then transfer the stacks into the vertical bagger
  • The jaws open and film is fed a set distance to allow product to fall below the jaws
  • Muitiple stacks are staged on top of the jaws to ensure proper seating in bag
  • Once specified stack count is reached the jaws seal the bag and release it onto a discharge conveyor


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